X-Ray System

Model: XRF2000 Model

Model Name

XRF 2000H

XRF 2000L


Chamber Dimensions

610 W x 670 D  x 600 H

610 W x 670 D  x 490 H

610 W x 670 D  x 490 H

Measuring Possible Dimension

550 W x 550 D  x 100 H

550 W x 550 D  x  30 H

Infinity  x  30 H

XYZ Displacement Range

200 W x 150 D  x 100 H

200 W x 150 D  x  30 H

200 W x 150 D  x  30 H

Max. Use Possible Weight

5 Kg

3 Kg

3 Kg

Product Feature

Microsoft Windows: The XRF 2000 uses Microsoft Windows, allowing multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously. During operation it is possible to review measurements, perform spectrum analysis, and process statistics all while automatically sending the measurement data to Microsoft Excel or other QC programs.
Multiple Measurement Capabilities: The XRF 2000 rapidly and non-destructively measures singlelayer, multi-layer, and composition of alloys. Metal content in plating solutions and qualitative material analysis of alloys are also quickly determined.
“Point” & “Measure” Automatic Parts Positioning: Simply move the cursor to any area of the video image, click the mouse, and the stage moves the part directly under the X-ray beam. Fast, controllable parts positioning is accomplished with ease in seconds.
Custom Statistics Reports: Instantly preview data in any of the five custom report formats. Measurement data, including statistics, X-Bar & R charts, and even a picture of the sample being measured, can be printed in a variety of layouts. Out-of-tolerance measurements are highlighted in red.
Laser Focus Feature: Precision laser focusing on parts provides the most consistent measurement accuracy possible and eliminates operator error.
Stage Forward For Easy Parts Loading: Opening the chamber door automatically brings the stage forward for fast parts loading and unloading. Precise sample placement is also aided by a positioning laser.
Multiple Chamber Models: Three chambers are available including the H, L, and PCB models. Optional features such as programmable stages, filters, and multiple collimators allow measurement of parts of various sizes and shapes for your specific requirements.
X-Ray Beam Video Display: The X-ray beam image is displayed actual size ensuring precise positioning on small parts.
Exclusive “Shutterless” Design Extends Tube Life: Unlike other X-ray systems, the XRF 2000 generates X-rays only while taking measurements. Since the X-ray tube completely shuts off between measurements, there is no need for a mechanical shutter. Less X-ray tube use equals cooler operating temperatures and longer tube life.
Chamber Temperature Regulation: Another first in X-ray design is the exclusive cooling controls which maintain consistent temperature of key system electronics. Measurement stability is further enhanced by the reduction in temperature variation.
2-D and 3-D Plating Thickness Mapping: Topographic mapping of plating thickness is easily accomplished. The resulting graphic is displayed in color or can be printed for further analysis. Stage programs include both automatic random and constant distance measurements.
Automatic X-Ray Beam Alignment: The Beam Position feature aligns the X-ray beam to the camera image. This prevents measurement errors, unnecessary service calls, or instrument down time due to misalignment.
Instrument Service and Support: Instrument service and diagnostics are simplified by intelligent product engineering and the use of interchangeable components. XRF service, calibration, and technical support is provided by Micro Pioneer SEA experienced staff
X-Ray Calibration Standards: The thickness standards per ISO-17025. Thickness standards for most measurement applications are offered at competitive prices. All thickness standards per ISO-17025 are traceable to the NIST and guaranteed accurate.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Input Power

220V AC 50/60 Hz


Data Port

RS – 232


Temperature Control

Automatic preamp and chamber temperature regulation



Precision laser assisted


Sample Positioning

Laser-guided parts placement


Safety Circuitry

Automatic X-ray shut-off within 0.5 seconds, if chamber door opened during measurement






Single fixed or multiple (automatic)


Single Fixed

4, 8, 12, 16 Mils diam. or 2×12 Mils rectangular


Multiple Automatic (5 Total)

4, 8, 12, 16 Mils diam. and 2×12 Mils rectangular




Computer System


IBM compatible AT/PC



Windows operating system, CD/DVD drive, and USB ports



Flat screen LCD



Industry standard printer




Camera System


Digital, CCD, color, high-resolution


Display Image

Monitor overlay video display


Reticle Image

Software generated target


X-Ray Bean

Actual-size beam displayed by software


XRF Beam Alignment

X-ray beam and camera optics are auto aligned


Sample Lighting

Long-life LED, adjustable




Qualitative Element


ROI and peak distance method



Color spectrum with element labeling



Magnifies/highlights desired items




Stage Program


Regular distance parts and surface measurements



Topographical mapping of plating thickness



Irregular distance parts measurement






1024 Channels


Pulse Processing

High speed using micro-processor


Temperature Control

Automatically regulated




X-Ray Source

X-Ray Tube

Long life, tungsten target, miniature spot size


High Voltage

0-50kV, oil-cooled


Tube Current

0-1.0 Ma


XRF Housing

Large oil-filled tank encloses both X-ray tube and high voltage




Detection System


Proportional counter



Motorized Cobalt (Ni optional)




X-Y-Z Stage

Operating Type

Precision, high speed stepper motors with ramped acceleration and cushioned deceleration


Stage Positioning

Mouse or automatic controls �Point and Measure� 2-D and 3-D positioning


EZ Loading Stage

Automatic stage forward by opening/closing door






Single layer, multi-layer, alloy thickness and composition, plus solution analysis


Correction Function

- Density correction



- Drift correction by reference sample




Statistical Analysis


Mean, maximum, minimum, range, standard deviation


Charts and Graphs

X-bar and range chart, histograms




Report Printing


Five (5) custom report formats



Instant previewing of reports


Customer Heading

Company name and logo


Parts Image

Sample picture can be printed on report

Graphical Display

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) based Measurement Windows enables measurement results to be viewed graphically.

Snap1 Snap2 Snap3
Snap4 Snap5 Snap6

User Friendly Reports Preview data in graphical formats.

Preview data in graphical formats.