Thin Film Selection

The following selection guide lists all of the Thin-film sample supports manufactured by Chemplex® Industries. Use of the table is quite simple, just click on the heading of the column of interest and the table will be refreshed, and sorted by the values selected in the column. Click on the column heading again and it will be sorted in the reverse order. This will allow grouping of the Thin-film support windows by the parameters of interest to suite your needs. For example, when looking for all Chemplex® Thin films with a thickness of 7.5µm, click on the column heading of “Thickness” And then scroll to the entries with the value of 7.5 µm. All of them will be listed together.


SpectroMembrane® Thin-Film Sample Support Window Frames

Thin-film sample support windows of user choice are attached to handling frames for attachement to Chemplex® sample cups.

NO Waste

NO Static Cling

NO Contamination

NO Experience Necessary


XRF Sample Cup Thin-Film Sample Support Windows

  • SpectroCertified® thin-film substances
  • Continuous Rolls
  • Pre-Perforated Rolls
  • Precut Circles

Thin-Film Sample Support Windows are available in Continuous Rolls, Pre-Perforated Rolls and Pre-Cut Circles interleaved with lint-free tissue carriers, in addition to SpectroMembrane® Thin-Film Sample Support Window Carrier Frames.


Microporous Polypropylene Gas Permeable Film

  • Equalizes pressure differentials within sample cups and sample chamber
  • Maintains flat thin-film sample support window planes
  • Maintains uniform target-to-sample distances

Microporous Film is a gas permeable membrane that enables the analysis of non-volatile liquid and powdered sample substances in helium flushes or vacuum. Pressure differentials within the sample cup and sample chamber are equalized while maintaining a taut thin-film sample support plane. The Series 1500 XRF Sample Cups are designed for use with Microporous Film.


SpectroFilm® Self-Sticking Safety XRF Secondary Film


  • Costly damage to x-ray tube windows
  • Costly damage to x-ray detector windows
  • Costly damage to electronics
  • Costly contamination issues
  • Costly cleanups